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Our social emotional curriculum uses transformative conversations and relationships to support all students with opportunities to develop critical perspectives and skills that will help them thrive academically and socially through engagement, education, and empowerment.

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Critical Social Consciousness

Critical social consciousness describes the ability to recognize, understand, and critically analyze oneself and the world around them. Both students and teachers learn to appreciate and. honor multiple perspectives while also recognizing inequalities that exist in the world. Critical social consciousness empowers students and teachers to take action to change these inequitable systems.

Asset Based Mindset

We support the development of asset-based mindsets, which focus on helping students identify and develop their strengths as opposed to continually looking at students’ deficits

Positive Identity Development

We support the development of positive self-identities which support students’ individualbackgrounds, cultural identities and ways of knowing.

Communities of Belonging

We support the formation of communities of belonging that recognize and affirm students variedidentities and diverse ways of learning.

Relevant and Meaningful

Our Lessons make explicit ties to students’ multiple cultures which in turn ensure they are relevant and personally meaningful for every student.

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