Ignite Your Teaching With Our Workshops and Professional Development

To support all students, our curriculum is grounded in Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy and Interactive Spatial Learning. By implementing CRM lessons, teachers transform their own teaching practices in a way that: (a) develops self- and social awareness; (b) values and affirms students’ cultural behaviors and identities; (c) builds and impacts relationships and communities of belonging; (d) supports academic success; and (e) empowers voice and action.

Professional Development

Our professional development workshops help teachers shift their practices using instructional strategies and tools to engage ALL students in collaborative conversations and inquiry-based learning. We give teachers the background on how to use our skills-focused assessments so that they can see how students’ understandings gradually develop and evolve over time.

Office Hours

We provide monthly office hours to address educator questions around curricular implementation. We also share tips, tricks, and lessons to help educators make the most out of our curriculum.

Online Professional Community

Connect with like-minded educators and get support, mentoring, SEL tips, and information through our Facebook group.

In-Person Workshops

Dr. Yen and Jennifer Terry, M.A. areis available for talks, one-on-one consultation, and workshops on a variety of subjects such as SEL, 21st Century Skills, STEM integration, culturally sustaining pedagogy, instructional design, and workforce readiness. 

They work with administrators, instructors, libraries, and students from kindergarten all the way to graduate school.