The 10-Day Challenge begins August 17th, 2pm-4pm CDT

We will be hosting our training in our

Disaster-Proof Your Elementary Teaching Facebook Group

Please CLICK HERE to request to join that group ahead of time so that you can take advantage of:

  1. Tool Tip Tuesdays Office Hours - Every Tuesday at 2 pm CDT/3 pm EDT.
  2. 10-Day Distance Learning Prep Challenge - You can participate live in the course, OR in the repository (see your email for access).
  3. Live Sessions Begin August 17th
  4. #scenius - Our professional community where we collectively problem solve and inspire each other.
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Still don't see it? Contact me at Yen@QiLearning and we'll get it straightened away!

Your Bonus Training!
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How To Cultivate The Love Of Learning In Every Student
In this bonus training, I'll show you how to create the conditions for inspiring organic learning in your students in ways that address the 21st century skills.
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